'Pokmon Z' release date: fans anticipating update from game director on Pokmon Get TV


Fans of Pokmon have been constantly relying to different sources in order to get a hold of information about the possible release date of Pokmon Z. This is not a surprise as the most recent game from the company was three years ago. Fans will have a tiny ray of hope to get solid information from the makers, as game director Junichi Masuda is set to appear as a guest on Pokmon Get TV on November 15.

According to Gospel Herald, Masuda is expected to be making an announcement about developments in his guesting. However, an announcement has not been confirmed, so it is still possible that fans will not get it.

The latest CoroCoro magazine has also been released and although fans still did not hear about Pokmon Z in the said issue, the inclusion of “Z” in its title could be a hint that it is only a matter of time before the sixth installment of the game is launched.

Pokmon Z is said to focus on the third legendary character, Zygarde, which will take five different forms. It is said to start from the basic form as a blob, referred to as Zygarde Core, serving as the brain and foundation of the succeeding forms. This will evolve to a cell, called Zygarde Cell as a flat green blob. After which, the transformation will evolve to 10% in the form of a dog, followed by a snake creature at 50%, before the final form of Mega-evolution that is said to surpass the powers of Xerneas or Yveltal in Pokmon X and Y.

Meanwhile, there will be a new villain, the “Dark Mewtwo” coming to the Pokken Tournament, notes IGN. It is possible that this character will also be in Pokmon Z, similar to MewTwo’s version in Pokmon X and Y. At the moment, the news portal is reaching out to Nintendo for their official word.

Pokmon Z is expected to be released early 2016.