Pokmon Z and Pokmon Go news: Pokmon Z could be out early 2016 three years after the last game, Pokmon Go may land next month


Fans have been waiting for news regarding the release of Pokmon Z as well as Pokmon Go. Although there is no official announcement from The Pokmon Company yet, there may be signs that both games are slated for launch anytime soon.

Pokmon Z is expected to come early 2016 especially as the last game released was already three years ago. The Pokmon Company revealed last September an upcoming magazine entitled Pokmon X, Y, and Z, reports Polygon. This magazine was already released a few days ago. With the inclusion of “Z” on the title, it could imply that the sixth of the game installment is coming.

Pokmon Z will be focusing on the character of Zygarde, one of the three legendary characters and will take five forms. It is said to start from a basic form as a blob called Zygarde Core, followed by Zygarde Cell. After which, the transformation will evolve to 10% in the form of a dog, then to 50% as a snake, before finally the Mega-evolution that will surpass the powers of Xerneas or Yveltal in Pokemon X and Y.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that Pokmon Go, an augmented reality game that will allow users to capture Pokmon in the real world, will come out next month, said Yibada. Along with Pokmon Go, the company will also throw in Pokmon Go Plus to serve as a complement for the application as the device can be brought along elsewhere similar to a wrist watch. The augmented reality game will be available for both iOS and Android users.

Game director Junichi Masuda will be appearing as guest on Pokmon Get TV, a Japanese television show, next month. Hopefully, he will reveal the concrete details, or hopefully the official launch announcement, about Pokmon Z and Pokmon Go on the show.

In the meantime, fans can first shift their focus to the upcoming Pokmon gym that will open in Osaka on November 19.