‘Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’ latest news: Game’s steelbook dual pack details leaked on Amazon

An image of the artwork from the "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon" steelbook dual pack. (Amazon.com)

Two new “Pokemon” titles will launch later this year. However, a leak from Amazon Canada confirmed some special details for the games months before it rolls out.

According to the Amazon page, the “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will officially come out on Nov. 17. Instead of the usual packaging for games, a collectible Steelbook case will enclose the data cards of the two games.

The bundle is officially called the “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Steelbook Dual Pack – Nintendo 3DS Steelbook Dual Pack Edition,” according to the leak. The said bundle has a pre-order price tag of $99 CDN. It comes with a cover art of Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala. On the other hand, the inner part of the casing has only the line art of the said Legendary Pokemon. However, the line art sits on top of a gold background.

Meanwhile, Gamespot reported that Steelbook Dual Pack is also available for pre-order on the US Amazon website for $79.99 USD. Last June, Nintendo unveiled “Pokemon Ultra Sun” and “Pokemon Ultra Moon” just a few weeks before E3 2017. They made the revelation during a Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct.

During the event, Junichi Masuda from game developer Game Freak said that an “alternate story” will be featured game. Moreover, the games will also showcase Pokemon that were previously unseen in the past. Masuda also noted that fans will see new features that will make them enjoy their adventure more.

Meanwhile, hit mobile game “Pokemon GO” is celebrating its first anniversary. To usher in the festivities, “Pokemon GO” Fest will take place in Chicago this month. There, players can take part in experiencing new features and acquiring bonuses.

A report from Engadget said that “Pokemon GO” Fest will also go beyond Chicago, as it will also invade Europe. A series of Safari Zone events will take place for players residing in Europe. These events will feature previously unavailable monsters.

Moreover, players living in Japan will have the annual Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama from Aug. 9 to 15.