‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ latest news: New batch of free Mega Stones added

A promotional image on the new Mega Stones for "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon." (Facebook/NewPkmn)

News that free Pokemon will become available in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” broke out this month. After this, a new set of Mega Stones is reportedly next in line.

According to Gamespot, Nintendo is giving out a new batch of free Mega Stones through the Mystery Gift. The development gives players another crack at securing these rare items. The four Mega Stones are for the creatures Gallade, Lopunny, Gardevoir, and Diancie.

The catch, however, is that none of the four Pokemon are in the “Sun and Moon” game. This means players must first transfer their Pokemon from an old title or via trade before they can use any of the Mega Stones on them.

Much like in the free Pokemon, players can claim the Mega Stones by selecting the Mystery Gift option in the menu. Next is they should pick “via code/password” to receive their gift. Then, they will be prompted to key in “POYONG,” which is the code for the Mega Stones. Once the code is accepted, they can pick up the Mega Stones from the delivery man inside the Pokemon Centers.

Heavy reported that the first batch of Mega Stones that were earlier released can be used to mega-evolve Manectric, Aggron, Abomasnow, and Tyranitar. It will be interesting to see how the playing field changes with the arrival of the new set of Mega Stones.

Earlier this month, fansite Serebii confirmed that rare Pokemon Salazzle will become available this week. Salazzle event to hit Gamestop in the US from August 14th to September 4th 2017,” posted Serebii on Twitter. Players just need to visit participating Gamestop stores to get the code for the “battle-ready” Pokemon.

In addition, the upcoming series installments called “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon” for the Nintendo 3DS are scheduled for Nov. 17. Though the Alola region setting will still be the same, they will both feature an alternate story. Moreover, the two games will also have their own set of Pokemon that are not found in the “Sun and Moon” games.