‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ latest news: Alola Exeggutor gets a statue rendition in Japan

An image of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Exeggutor statue. (Bandai)

In the world of “Pokemon,” there are some creatures that stand out because of the uniqueness they offer. One of those odd-looking ones is getting a statue incarnation that comes with a steep price tag.

As per a product listing by Bandai, the Alolan version of Exeggutor is available in the form of a statue. The product, which is sold in the Japanese market, comes in at 29,800 yen or about $270 USD. The Alola Exeggutor is one of the weirdest looking Pokemon that were recently released in the “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” games.

Exeggutor is an egg-tree creature that looks like a giraffe with its long neck, but with the features of a palm tree. According to the product listing, the statue is 1/10 in scale and can be decorated in different places. One of the promotional images shows the statue being used as an office ornament.

Meanwhile, Gamespot said that there is no word if the Exeggutor statue will make it to U.S. shores. What is certain is that it will be released in Japan in January of 2018.

In other related news, players of “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” can own the Pokemon Salazzle. According to fan site Serebii, the Salazzle event will “hit Gamestop in the US from August 14th to September 4th 2017.” During the period, players can visit participating Gamestop stores to pick up the code for a chance to pick up the Pokemon.

Salazzle is a level 50 Pokemon that is equipped with a Focus Sash. This enables it to survive one-hit KO attacks. Furthermore, it is also armed with powers such as Fake Out, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, and Flamethrower.

The Pokemon will be available for download via the Mystery Gift option found on the menu screen. Once the code is received, players need to input it to pick up Salazzle from the delivery man found in the Pokemon Centers.