'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemon Moon' announcement trailer hints at tropical area setting


New games “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” were announced on Friday with very little detail. However, a recent analysis of the announcement trailer seems to offer more information than they let on, specifically the location of the next Pokemon games.

There are at least three clues that appear to give away “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon’s” setting. Based on these hints, the folks at IGN and Twinfinite suggest the upcoming games could be set in a tropical location.

All of these clues were spotted from the brief footage of concept art that was included in the announcement trailer (below). The trailer was revealed during the recent Nintendo Direct that announced the two games.

Palm Trees

The first concept art shows a water gym which had a palm tree as part of its scenery. The presence of a palm tree in this particular scene has been taken as a dead giveaway of the two games’ tropical setting. Twinfinite speculates it could be a “Hawaiian-esque island” or a new continent designed after South America.

Tropical bird

The announcement trailer also features a new bird Pokemon, which looks like a red-crested cardinal, according to Twinfinite. The publication based this conclusion from the colors and the pointed feathers on top of the new bird Pokemon’s head. The site further points out that the red-crested cardinal is usually found in tropical regions such as Hawaii, Brazil, Argentina, and Puerto Rico, among others.

Tropical hut design

A few more concept art showcase new designs for Pokemarts and Pokemon Centers. Pokemarts appear to have a more modern design. Meanwhile, Pokemon Centers have been likened to mushrooms or as IGN puts it, “they have the classic shape of a tropical hut.” This new tropical hut-inspired design has been taken as a hint to the two games being set in a tropical area.

Although the assumption of a tropical setting might have credence thanks to these pieces of “evidence,” they are still considered to be speculation as of the moment. Everything will be revealed when Nintendo launches the new games.

“Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” are scheduled to be released for the Nintendo 3DS on holiday 2016.