'Pokmon Sun and Moon' update: new pocket monsters, closer look at Team Skull in new trailer


As promised, the brand new trailer for “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” brought out the goodies with the introduction of brand new creatures that will be added to the growing roster of the Pokdex. Furthermore, fans were also treated to a closer look at Team Skull which hints that they will be quite the villainous bunch.

Seven more Pokmon are slated to join in on the fun and while previous leaks may have already ruined the surprise for some, the official clip provides more information about the creatures.

First on the list is Morelull, which is also called the “illuminating Pokmon.” Coming from the fairy lineage, the tiny creature has the ability to have its spores glow whenever it feels that a threat is nearby.

Wishiwashi, on the other hand, appears to be harmless until it levels up to its school form. Once the smaller ones come together and transform, they become a 26-foot sea monster that weighs around 173 pounds and looks entirely different from its separate form.

Pyukumuku follows and the Pokmon also an aqua type like Wishiwashi. But unlike the fish, it is a sea cucumber whose organs are inside out and is covered in goo which keeps it moist.

On top of the four previous ones, with Wishiwashi’s two different forms counted individually, three classic Pokmon have been given their Alola counterparts, including the Alolan Marowak. The new fire/ghost type Pokmon comes with new abilities as a result of adapting to the region. While the typical Marowak tends to avoid grass type Pokmon, the Alolan Marowak has the ability to take on the creatures given that they are bountiful in the area. Furthermore, it can also have its bone light up to scare potential enemies.

Meanwhile, the Alolan Meowth has levelled up from its usual moody and snooty variation. Rumor has it that the Pokmon moved to the area in the hopes of living like royalty. Meowth’s coddled lifestyle in Alola is the reason behind its elevated sense of entitlement.

Lastly, the Alolan Raichu is the cool, beach bum Pokmon in the tropical area. Given its upbringing in the sandy beaches, it is equipped with the Surge Surfer ability which allows it to double its speed when on electric landscapes.

Aside from the pocket monsters in the area, Team Skull has also been officially introduced. Described as a group of ruffians who “causes a lot of trouble. They steal other people’s Pokmon, mess up the trial sites, and delight in all kinds of evil deeds.” Squad boss Guzma, as well as his assistant Plumeria, runs the goons who are mainly the masters of mischiefs in the region.

If loitering around and catching augmented reality Pokmon in real-life locations is really not one’s thing but still would want to join in the pocket monsters’ resurgence, The Pokmon Company is offering something else with “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon.” However, those who are already itching to try the role-playing game may have to stay put for a couple more months as its much-awaited release is scheduled for Nov. 18 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.