'Pokemon Sun and Moon' starter Pokemons, trainers are fake, says report


“Pokemon Sun and Moon” fans and followers might have come across an alleged leak of starter Pokemons and a pair of trainers last week. The leak came by way of scanned images that have now been debunked as fake.

On Friday, a Korean Twitter user shared two images of what he claimed were “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” starter Pokemons. The images also featured a pair of trainers. Amassing more than 1,000 likes and 3,000 retweets, the alleged magazine scans circulated in the social media until gaming sites like Kotaku took notice.

The publication has since debunked the scans as fake and cites a number of reasons for this verdict.

First, Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro has already promised to provide Pokemon fans their first look at “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” according to a report by Serebii. Details of the new game will be included as a “special feature” in the April issue of the monthly magazine. Based on previous Pokemon games, the first details to be revealed are expected to be starter Pokemon. CoroCoro revealed “Pokemon X and Y’s” starter Pokemon Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie back in 2013. More information are expected to be gradually released in the magazine’s special features section in the following months.

The hoax also reportedly features Japanese writing which seems to be off. Kotaku explains the Japanese in the alleged magazine leak aren’t consistent with its use of kanji characters and furigana above these characters. In the case of CoroCoro, which is a magazine that caters to little kids, kanji and furigana are used to aid little children, like first graders, while they read. The publication continues that the alleged magazine couldn’t possibly be Famitsu because it doesn’t use furigana as it caters to a different audience than CoroCoro. In addition, Famitsu doesn’t typically feature articles about Pokemon.

Punctuations like periods, dash, and dots also seem to be strange as well. Other Pokemon fans have also noted how the two trainers look significantly different from existing Pokemon trainers in terms of art style.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” are scheduled to release sometime during the holiday season this year. With fresh details coming out in April, industry followers expect the game to have a solid release date soon.