'Pokemon Sun and Moon' news: YouTube Japanese Channel of Pokemon reveals more information about game


Recently fans of the “Pokemon” franchise has been raving about the new trailer of the new versions, “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The trailer revealed a lot of new details with regards to the two new legendary Pokemons, the new regions and the new Pokedex.

As stated in reports, in line with the release of the newest trailer, more videos has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Pokemon for the Japan region. It expands more on the teasers of the newly released trailer.

The new Pokedex has a makeover due to a Pokemon named Rotom, an electric type, who has the ability to turn into different kinds of gadgets. It is still not sure what the feature of the new Pokedex would be, but it has surely made fans excited for the new installment of the franchise.

It was mentioned in reports that the type of the two new legendary Pokemons were also unveiled in the trailer. Solgaleo, the legendary for “Pokemon Sun” is a Steel/Psychic type and has a special move called “Sunsteel Strike.” Solgaleo also has a special ability called “Full Metal Body” where he cannot be affected by the enemy’s stat changing abilities.

On the other hand, Lunala is a Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon and has a special move called “Moongeist Beam.” Additionally, it also has a special ability named “Shadow Shield” although it is still unknown what the ability can do.

Moreover, the map of the Alola region was also revealed in the trailer, and it showed that the region was separated into four islands. The new professor was also shown and his name is Kukui. The trainer’s new companions were also introduced and they were Lillie and Hau, and the one of them might be the main character’s rival.

There will be more announcements on the Pokemon Special during Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 16. The game is slated to be released on November 18 of this year.

Watch the new trailer below.