'Pokmon Sun and Moon' release news: Two new Pokmon unveiled


Two new Pokmon for the upcoming \”Pokmon Sun\” and \”Pokmon Moon\” were revealed by a Japanese magazine. A new advertisement has also been released for the two new games of “Pokmon,” and it hints at what would be included in the final versions of the game.

In the latest issue of Japanese publication CoroCoro, pictures of two new Pokmon were included inside the pages of the magazine.

Kiteruguma, the first Pokmon, showed an appearance of what seems to be a bear. It has a black body with a pink head and paws. Furthermore, the Pokmon also seems to have an appendage that looks like white headband on its head. It seems that Kiteruguma is a Normal/Fighting type Pokmon.

On the other hand, the other Pokmon is called Mimikkyu. The Pokmon is a Ghost/Fairy type and is said to be the first Pokmon to have that kind of mix. It has a weird appearance since it seems to be imitating Pikachu with a cloth costume.

Moreover, some people in the internet are raving about the design concept of Mimikkyu. As mentioned in Serebii, the reason why the Pokmon is trying to be like Pikachu is because it wants to feel loved. Fans of the franchise have found concept behind Mimikkyu brilliant. It seems that game developer Game Freak is trying to replicate some of the most popular Pokmon like Pikachu, in order them to reach the same level of popularity. With this, fans are speculating that they really made a new Pokmon design that tries to be like Pikachu, as evidently seen with Mimikkyu.

In addition, a new advertisement was released for “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon.” The Japanese ad revealed new things, like a trainer riding a Tauros. It also showed that Pokmon Amie will make a comeback in the new versions.

“Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” will be released on Nov. 18.

Watch the new advertisement below: