'Pokemon Sun and Moon' rumors: New Pokemons to be part of Generation 7 batch?


Upcoming games “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” are rumored to get over 10 new Pokemons according to video game producer Junichi Masuda. Moreover, the new Pokemons are said to be part of the Generation 7 batch.

The veteran video game producer mostly known for his work in the “Pokemon” franchise appeared at the “Gathering at the Pokemon House” also known as “Pokenchi” last April 3 and divulged the news. According to website Serebii, the topic came about when Masuda was asked about the rough count of Pokemons appearing in “Sun and Moon” to which he jokingly replied that there will be more than 10.

Prior to the event, news broke out that Masuda’s appearance will not only be a normal guesting, but he will actually drop the first look on the aforementioned game via a footage. Unfortunately, Masuda’s stint in the show did not reveal any clip for “Sun and Moon,” instead what he showed was the same video trailer from Pokemon Nintendo Direct which was previously released back in February.

iDigitial Times noted that if previous leaks turn out to be true, there is a high chance that the next batch of Pokemons that are going to be introduced via “Sun and Moon” will be part of the Generation 7 class.

Back in February, Japanese magazine “CoroCoro” already touched the subject of the potential coming of Gen. 7 Pokemon batch with Magearna. With this new development, the Japanese magazine is expected to delve more on the story in their upcoming April issue slated to come out sometime in the middle of the month. Furthermore, Yibada reported that the local publication will also be revealing a new era of Pokemon games as tipped to them by a Nintendo insider.

As of now, there is no specific date yet on when “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will fully drop, but Nintendo revealed that it will be launched sometime around the 2016 Holiday season for 3DS gamers.