'Pokemon Sun and Moon' news: New Pokedex of the Alola region to have new features

A promotional image for the "Pokemon" franchise used in celebration of its 20th anniversary (Facebook/Pokemon)

Fans are raving about the new trailer released for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The trailer has finally revealed the two legendary Pokemons that are featured in the game covers and also the new map of the region.

The new video clip unveiled that Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel type and it is the Pokemon that is featured in “Pokemon Sun.” While the other Pokemon, Lunaala, was revealed to be a Psychic/Ghost type and it is the Pokemon who is in the cover of “Pokemon Moon.” The two legendary Pokemons also showed off their special abilities and their special attacks. Gengar was shown battling Lunaala and was easily beaten by using “Moongeist Beam.”

The new region seems to be inspired by the geography of the Hawaiian Islands, and it will be seen in the trailer that there were four islands surrounding an artificial island in the middle. In the Japanese YouTube channel of Pokemon, a video revealed the names of the four islands of Alola region.

It is said that the Alola Pokedex will feature four categories and it might that per category of the Pokedex will feature one island. There is a theory that there are different Pokemons per island and it will show the player what Pokemon they may have caught in that certain island.

Aside from the new Pokedex, it was also revealed in the trailer that the new Pokedex will also be a Pokemon which is Rotom, an electric type Pokemon. He has the ability to transform into different kind devices or even appliances.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), there will be a special Pokemon event that will feature new details in the upcoming game.

The new versions of Pokemon are set to release on Nov. 18, 2016.