'Pokmon Sun and Moon' release date: New details out April 15


Excited fans can now start counting down to the day they will get to have official information regarding the newly announced core Pokmon games that will be coming this year”Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon.” According to latest reports, new information regarding the upcoming games are set to be unveiled next month via a series of special features from a magazine.

As reported by Pokmon fan site Serebii, Japanese magazine “CoroCoro” is set to publish a series of special features for the upcoming Pokmon games from Nintendo and The Pokmon Company, Pokmon “Sun” and “Moon.” The special feature is set to begin with the magazine’s April 15 issue. However, with how the industry is rampant with leaks, fans are already expecting leaks to eventually happen even before the issue officially releases.

With the announcement of upcoming special features focusing on the two new games, a certain fan poll event that is called the “Pokmon Elections” was also teased in the recent issue of the magazine. It was announced that there will be special countdown for the poll event in the official Pokmon website, and promised that this will be a huge event, possibly still in relation to the 20<sup>th anniversary of the Pokmon franchise. The “Pokmon Elections” poll is said tom be related to things about the upcoming Pokmon movies.

As for the Pokmon “Sun” and “Moon” games, fans need to keep a cautious eye pen for there have been fake magazine scans claiming to have official information out in the open already. Just recently, a magazine scan image coming from a Korean user over at Twitter showed a set of images claiming to have comes from an unnamed Japanese magazine containing significant information about the two new upcoming gamessuch as trainer looks, Legendary Pokmon looks, 3DS box art, and other gaming details.

However, Kotaku detailed that the text in the alleged scans lacks the use of Furigana, syllabic characters added to Kanji that are aimed to children to make them more comfortable in reading words, whereas CoroCoro Pokmon features are always written with Furigana.