'Pokmon Sun and Moon' gameplay news: More details will be announced in August


“Pokmon GO” is currently all the rage right now but there are still two “Pokmon” games that are on the way. “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” have been releasing a lot of trailers in anticipation for their release. More Pokmon were unveiled, and it is said that The Pokmon Company will release more details in August.

Fans have been raving about the new versions of the game ever since waves of trailers were launched earlier this month. According to the Siliconera, more details will be announced on Aug. 1, at 9 a.m. ET. However, there was no specific information as to what the announcement would be about. Just like the previously released trailers, it is likely that the announcement will be about more Pokmon and the new features that will be included in the games.

So far, in terms of Pokmon, over 25 new characters have already been revealed. Also, a new training mode called Hyper Training will also be available to players. In this mode, trainers will be able to make their Pokmon stronger even if they have already reached level 100.

Furthermore, the Pokmon Global Link system will be discontinuing its service momentarily in October for the past versions of “Pokmon” available for the Nintendo 3DS. A more unified system will take its place once “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” have been released.

In other news, there are theories that Drampa, one of the Pokmon that was revealed in the past trailers, may actually be the evolution of Dunsparce. The reason behind this may be because of Drampa’s similar color hues with Dunsparce. Fans are also speculating that it has also a zero to hero attribute, where a weak Pokmon evolves into a stronger Pokmon. This example can be seen with Gyarados where his pre-evolution, Magikarp, is very useless.

“Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” will be released on Nov. 18.