'Pokmon Sun and Moon' news: Gake promotional images go viral online


After years of waiting, new Pokmon core games are finally coming to fansthe recently announced “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon.” However, with the announcement of the game’s upcoming release this year, Nintendo and The Pokmon Company are both yet to follow up with any significant official information about the upcoming games, which led fans to only wish and speculate about them. Recently, an alleged magazine scan of what was claimed to be a first look on the details regarding the characters and new Pokmons coming to the new games was leaked.

On a Twitter post by user @TimeOoDd, two images were shared showing what was claimed to be scans coming from an unknown Japanese magazine containing an alleged set of details about the upcoming “Pokmon Sun” and Pokmon Moon” games.

The two images also showed what was said to be the two main protagonists of the gamethe female and the male Pokmon trainers the player will be playing as, as well as a silhouette of the Legendary Pokmon for both games in a cover art for the 3Ds release of the games.

While this “leak” may be of great interest for fansas this will be the first look on the gamefans and players alike were quick to question the authenticity of the images that were shown. Aside from the fact that there was no mention of the source for the images (not even a magazine name from where it was taken from), the images were written in Japanese in an unusual way.

As noted by My Nintendo News, the Kanji characters in the alleged leaked promotional images is a dead giveaway that the images are fake. The Kanji characters in the images lack the accompaniment of Furigana, a Hiragana or a Japanese syllabary symbol that are placed over complex Kanji characters, so that younger readers and viewers would be able to easily understand them.

“Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” is set for release sometime this year.