'Pokmon Sun and Moon' release date update: Another fake image shows alleged new Pokmon


An image of an alleged new Pokmon for the upcoming new core Pokmon games, “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon,” was immediately debunked and labelled as yet another attempt to spread fake details about the upcoming games.

Just recently, a new magazine scanwhich can be assumed as allegedly from Japanese magazine CoroCoromade its way online, showing what seemed to be a new Pokmon that will be introduced in the upcoming games, specifically for “Pokmon Moon.”

The image showed a Dragon type Pokmon, in blue-green and red combination of colors, which at first glance immediately looked to be somewhat having an off-looking art for a 3DS Pokmon game.

Users on the Reddit subreddit for “Pokmon Sun and Moon,” discussed the alleged leaked image and pointed out at least three reasons why the image can be immediately concluded as a fake one.

First, CoroCoro, where official updates regarding anything about Pokmon have been released, already said that they will be featuring the two new upcoming games as well as  new details on April 15.

Second, the art of the “Pokmon Moon” appeared to be a result of a bad editing job as the symbol was pointed out to be “too far” under the “Pokmon” word to look like an official art at all.

And finally, the photo itself is suspiciously cropped too close to the alleged magazine scan, which raised questions if the image really came from a magazine at all.

Along with the set of features focusing on “Pokmon Sun and Moon,” Pokmon fan site Serebii reported that CoroCoro is also set to unveil more details on a certain fan poll event called the “Pokmon Elections,” which is expected to be something connected to upcoming Pokmon theatrical film releases.