'Pokmon Sun and Moon' news: legendary Pokmon names leak filed by an individual, not GameFreak


The hyped leak of what was thought to be the names of the two new legendary Pokmons in the upcoming new core Pokmon games “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” may not be as exciting as it first sounded, as the company behind the trademark application for the names is not a company at all but an individual only.

According to Pokmon fansite Serebii, the previously leaked trademark applications that were said to be from GameFreak are not actually from the game company, Nintendo, or The Pokmon Company. Instead, they came from a certain man named Yusuke Inui who, upon enough background research, was discovered to be an Intellectual Property lawyer in Japan. The reason why the person would register two name trademarks associated with the Pokmon franchise is unknown as of now.

However, fans were advised to take into consideration that in the past, major companies registered their brandings, intellectual property names, or even patents application under a different name or a lay person who they will later “acquire” ownership from.

The reported leaked trademark were “Solgaleo,” believed to be for “Pokmon Sun” and “Lunaala,” believed to be for “Pokmon Moon.” As noted, “Sol” mean “Sun,” and “galeo” was associated with the famous scientist Galileo, or might otherwise simply mean something similar to a lion. The “Lunaala” name, on the other hand, was immediately associated with “Pokmon Moon” being “luna” as a dead giveaway.

“Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” are set to be released sometime around this year.