‘Pokemon Stars’ news, rumors: Gyms, beasts, and several elements expected

A promotional image for "Pokemon Sun & Moon" (Facebook/Pokemon)

The “Pokemon” franchise is reaping success in different platforms. Apart from this, it seems those cute little monsters look to continue their run in the Nintendo Switch.

As fans wait for an official release date for “Pokemon Stars” on the Nintendo Switch, rumors swirl regarding its elements. In a report by Korea Portal, the game will likely feature key elements, starting with bigger gyms. The speculation takes root in the recent update for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” on the Nintendo 3DS. This update will likely be showcased in the Switch game as well.

Moreover, observers also believe that the upcoming game will also feature Necromanza, a newly introduced Ultra Beast. The report said that “Pokemon” Stars may feature the beast and focus on its origins. In addition, the Lycanroc from “Sun and Moon” may also make an appearance in “Pokemon Stars.”

Meanwhile, a report from TechRadar speculated the possible forms the game could take. The article mentioned that it could be an extension of the “Sun and Moon” game. It also mentioned that it could take the form of a new sequel created from the ground up. The game could also possibly be a side release. This theory says that the scale of the game could be similar to the PokkenTournament, noting the franchise’s release in other consoles like Gamecube.

The most popular speculation, however, is that “Pokemon Stars” will be a bridge connecting the “Sun and Moon” titles. Through the game, “Sun and Moon” will become playable in consoles like the Switch with additional features and content.

News about “Pokemon Stars” first broke out last September when Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed that they will come up with games for the Nintendo Switch. The excitement subsided, however, after “Pokemon” series producer Junichi Masuda showed little commitment to the idea of having “Pokemon” jump into Nintendo’s new console.

Fans’ excitement were again reignited late last year when Eurogamer reported that sources said that “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will have a version for Nintendo’s flagship console.