'Pokmon Go' release date: Leaks outline information on the upcoming game


The Pokmon Company’s upcoming augmented reality game “Pokmon Go” is currently doing its field test in Japan, with multiple leaks already surfacing online regarding the details of the upcoming title.

According to IGN, the game is built on Unity Engine, with the cycle running day and night. Given this, the Pokmons may be found not only within certain locations but also in certain times during the day.

“Pokmon Go” will have 151 characters in total, as featured in the original game, but players may have up to 500 Pokmon on hand. There is also a leeway for the creatures to evolve and be customized in the game. Once the players get enough evolution stones needed for some characters, their Pokmon can evolve. On the other hand, there are 52 items that can be found in the game that will let players customize items, giving more than 23,000 unique combinations.

The Pokmons are categorized into three aspects, namely normal, legendary, and mythic. In addition, these categories are further classified into 18 types, including Bug, Dragon, Fire, Ghost, Poison, and Psychic, to name a few.

As for the mechanics, “Pokmon Go” has 232 moves found in the game, 95 of which are under what is called “Quick Moves.” The game will also employ a reward system through Badges, which are given when “milestones” such as capturing and evolving a Pokmon are accomplished. Players may only hold on to up to 1,000 items in the game, split into different categories namely, Pokeballs, Food, Medicine, Boost, Utilities, and Camera.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that “Pokmon Go” may be available in virtual reality setting especially with the recent release of headsets dedicated to such feature. Aside from this, there are also speculations that the game may be available in the upcoming gaming console from Nintendo, the Nintendo NX.

No official confirmation has been revealed regarding the other details of the upcoming game as well as an exact release date. However, it is expected to be released later this year.