'Pokmon GO' Lucky Egg tips: how to maximize XP gain using Pidgeys


The newest craze in mobile gaming, “Pokmon GO,” had swept fans and players by storm. The augmented-reality game has already gained the attention of not only the players, but also politicians, actors, and even public servants that had issued safety warnings in playing the game. Recently, some of the dedicated players of the game found a way without using a cheat to level up their trainer’s experience (XP) in an extremely fast yet easy way, and it only involves the players spamming catches of a common wild basic Pokmon.

Recently, Reddit user bchn developed a site called PidgeyCalc. In the site, players can determine the amount of trainer XP points they can earn by evolving basic Pokmon such as a Pidgey or a Rattata in bulk while using an item called Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg boosts XP points earned while evolving Pokmon.

This process, which is in no way a cheat of any kind that might get a player banned from the game, involves the player having to catch a large number of the most basic Pokmon out in the wild. Afterwards, the effect of the Lucky Egg item must be activated. Then, the player would only have to evolve these basic Pokmon all at the same time and all that there is left to do is watch as a massive amount of XP points get credited to the player’s trainer’s profile.

“Lucky Eggs are scarce so it’s best if you maximize your XP gain during the 30 minutes that it’s active,” bchn wrote on Reddit. “The best way to do this is to save up all your low-evolution-cost Pokmon (Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie) and evolve them all at once after you activate your [Lucky Egg].”

As of the moment of this writing, the method still works, which means that Niantic has either deemed it to be a fair method, or an exploit waiting to be discovered. Either way, each player is advised to make use of the method at their own risk.