'Pokmon GO' tips and tricks: how to win gym battles, egg glitch


Niantic’s “Pokmon GO” is still the top of its class and the number of players continue to grow by the day now that the augmented reality game has been launched in various regions around the globe. Now that most players have already acquired a substantial amount of Pokmon and PokCoins, it’s now time to go out and battle other trainers. Here are some useful tips and tricks for people who just recently jumped on the “Pokmon GO” bandwagon.

After Professor Willow’s instruction in choosing the right Pokmon, and after getting quite a number of these little critters, gamers are now ready for a player versus player (PvP) battle provided that their trainer has already reached level five.

As soon as players reach the required level, they will then have to choose a team. There are three choices the red-colored Team Valor, Team Instinct represented by yellow, and Team Mystic which comes in blue . The next step would be selecting a gym that corresponds to the color of the player’s chosen team. However, gamers will have to check first if there is still an available place in the gym for them to occupy. Once inside, they have to assign a Pokmon that will defend the gym from other players. Otherwise, they will have to roam around and look for another or they can just invade a gym.

When taking over a gym, one must have a sizable amount of evolved and reinforced Pokmon to challenge the assigned Pokmon in the gym that they are trying to occupy. During battle, players will have to tap onto the other player’s Pokmon while keeping an eye on one’s blue bar. Once the blue-colored bar is already full, players will then have to press and hold to release a powerful move. Moreover, players may also do evasive maneuvers by simply swiping left or right.

Meanwhile, there’s also another way to win gym battles. This is considered by many players as a glitch in the game that can be either beneficial or harmful to their gameplay. The trick is that some of the players are assigning eggs to defend their gyms in the game. Eggs are not considered by the game as Pokmon and they do not have attacks or combat points to begin with rendering them invincible.