'Pokmon GO' tips and tricks: use Lure Modules to rake in business sales


“Pokmon GO” has been driving people to go out of their homes and walk through their neighborhoods and sometimes even beyond it. But while it does have perks for those playing it, it can also boost businesses’ sales in an unconventional way via the use of the Lure Module.

The way the module works is fairly simple as it is basically a type of chip that attracts a greater number and variety of Pokmon to its tied Pokstop. When these “upgraded Incense” modules are rolled out, its designated Pokstop will be shrouded with pink petals which can be seen by all players around the area. The specific location will then have a creature turnout every three minutes. This schematic has already been taken advantage of by various businesses who have realized the potential sales that it can bring to them.

“We dropped the module here and people starting flocking constant the past five, six days,” said Thomas Blaze Lattanzio, owner of L’inizio’s Pizza Bar, to the International Business Times. The Italian restaurant situated in Queens, New York is one of the first retailers who have used “Pokmon Go” to rake in profit. “It’s just been amazingly outrageous the amount of people coming in,” he excitedly added.

“Location-based services are rolling out and they’re creating really robust platforms,” Ari Zoldan, CEO of marketing firm Quantum Media Group, explained about the phenomenon, hinting that it is just the start of the advertising trend.

Meanwhile, other cafes and joints have been handing out coupons to “Pokmon GO” players who happen to be in their respective shops. Some, however, have taken a different route by urging customers to post on their social media platforms a snap of their newfound Pokmon in their business establishments.

The marketing expert furthered by saying that the geotagging game coupled with social media “is creating opportunities for small businesses to be able to start marketing themselves really effectively.”

Unfortunately, Lure Modules have also been used to propagate crimes. Some robbers are using gamers’ enthusiasm and willingness to wander almost everywhere in the hopes of catching a Pokmon. Last month, some armed perpetrators baited unknowing victims to an isolated trap in Missouri. Fortunately, the suspects were caught and charged with first-degree felony as well as robbery.