'Pokmon GO' tips and tricks: How to catch Pokemon without actually moving


While popular notion suggests that a gamer needs to be mobile in order to play “Pokmon GO,” clever couch potatoes the world over would beg to differ.

The location-based augmented reality game has gained such wide popularity since it was released to selected countries in July that within just four days of playing it, fans were already flocking to social media platforms with claims of a significant improvement to their exercise habits, as reported by Inquistr.

While aiming to become a Master Pokmon Trainer really does require that a player leaves the comfort of his house, a little laziness can still go a long way with the right set of game hacks for the idle gamer.

Simply keeping “Pokmon GO” up and running already increases a player’s chances of encountering a Pokmon without even breaking a sweat. However, this is not advisable for trainers who are looking to catch the rarer breeds.

A player also has the option of using an Incense, which is among the items given to a newbie, to attract any Pokmon lurking within the vicinity instead of having to walk around trying to find them. An Incense’s luring effect lasts for 30 minutes and will stay activated even after the player leaves the app.

A similar option is using a Lure Patch at a Pokstop. Pokstops usually take the form of landmarks such as churches, police stations, malls, or neighbor’s house, and are marked by a floating blue cube. Floating pink petals at a Pokstop means that a Lure Patch has already been activated and every player at the Pokstop can take advantage of its effect for 15 minutes.

While making this trip may not be such a lazy option, the possibility of benefiting from another player’s Lure Patch should be enough to make up for the journey. Also, activating one of his own and spreading the love may put a player in everybody’s good graces.

A player may also ask a friend to drive him around in search of Pokmon, but will have to keep in mind that the game’s creators have set a Global Positioning System (GPS) speed restriction that causes the Pokmon to disappear in a puff of smoke once the device detects that a player is moving too fast.

Lastly, hatching an egg can also be done without going mobile. A player only has to hook the device to a moving object like a turntable, a Lazy Susan, or model trains and let it spin. The mechanism on the device that senses movement will count this in kilometers and hatch the egg in no time.

While playing “Pokmon GO” does not have to be a tiring experience, taking advantage of its much lauded health benefits once in a while may also be a good thing.