'Pokmon GO' tips and tricks: How to get rare Gyarados, Blastoise, Snorlax, Charmander and Pikachu


It has been almost a month now and “Pokmon Go” players may have already accrued quite a sum of these creatures in the augmented reality game, but of course, there are still newbies in the game joining the hype and are wondering where to find specific Pokmon such as Charmander, Snorlax, Gyarados, Blastoise, and one of the crowd favorites, Pikachu.

For starters, players will have to know first what type of Pokmon they are trying to find. For example, Charmander is a Fire type Pokmon and with this info, players may most likely find Charmander in parched areas like deserts and the like, which are pretty much outside the city. Players may also check residential areas, cities, beaches, parks, or any area where the temperature is always hot as there’s a big possibility that they might find Charmander or any Fire type Pokmon.

For Electric Pokmon like Pikachu, there were reports that this type of Pokmon can be found in schools, inside mall premises, areas where there are factories around, and even railway stations or subways. Moreover, there were players who claimed that they found such Pokmon inside libraries which are quite unlikely.

Here’s a trick, though. At the start of the game, players will be asked by Professor Willow to pick anyone from Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle as their first Pokmon in the game, so if players wish to choose Charmander, they may do so. As for Pikachu, players will have to ignore these three Pokmon until they are nowhere in sight on the map. They just have to continue the process for at least four times until Pikachu finally shows up together with Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

Meanwhile, Snorlax is considered a Normal type Pokmon which can be found in typical places like parking areas, pathways, around the neighborhood, and commercial establishments.

Blastoise and Gyarados are both Water type Pokmon in which there is a high probability that they can be found in areas where there are bodies of water like ponds, lakes, or streams. Gamers living in the city might want to check fountains or even public pools for chances of locating these Pokmon.