'Pokmon GO' tips, tricks: How to get and use Lucky Eggs, how to lure more Pokmon


With millions now playing “Pokmon GO,” a lot of tips have been shared online to help players level up in the game. While catching Pokmon is indeed the name of the game, gamers should also make sure to level up their trainer so that they can visit training gyms. One way to do this is to catch more Pokmon, of course, but how can one achieve this without walking for miles in search of more pocket creatures?

One solution is to attract more Pokmon by using a Lure Module. Those who only have about a half hour to play the game can benefit greatly from using this item. Lures can be purchased in the game, and the way it works is it attracts a greater number and variety of Pokmon to a PokStop of the player’s choice.

To use a Lure, simply deploy it while in the PokStop, and any PokStop that has a deployed Lure can be seen on a map with a shower of pink confetti around the stop. Players will find that a new Pokmon will show up every three minutes. The Lure can be seen by any player at the location, so this is a great item to use with friends.

Players can buy the Lure Modules from the Shop at one Lure for 100 PokCoins, or eight Lure Modules for 680 PokCoins. Those who also get to certain levels, like level 8, will get one free Lure Module.

Another way to get ahead in the game is to use Lucky Eggs. According to IGN, these are items that lets the player’s trainer earn double the amount of experience for all actions performed for a total of 30 minutes.

Lucky Eggs can be bought in the Shop for 80 PokCoins each. 8 Lucky Eggs cost 500 PokCoins, while 25 Lucky Eggs cost 1,250 PokCoins.

To activate the Eggs, collect easy to catch and evolve Pokmon, like Pidgey. Travel to an area with plenty of PokStops, and activate the Lucky Egg. Players will get double XPs for every action done within 30 minutes.