'Pokmon GO' cheats, tips and tricks: How to catch Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam and more


The “Pokmon GO” mania is still going strong as players all over the world are on the hunt for elusive pocket monsters in the augmented reality game. While players started out by catching as many Pokmon as they can, now, many are on the lookout for rarer Pokmon such as Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam.

Encountering Abra may be harder than getting an Eevee or a Zubat, as these two can be found literally everywhere. Abra is one of the wilier Pokmon in the original games as the creature has a tendency to teleport. According to the Pokdex, the pocket monster can even teleport while it is asleep, a useful trait, given that the Abra sleeps 18 hours a day.

Nowadays, Abra has gained the reputation of being one of the most difficult Pokmon to catch, as “Pokmon GO” players who have seen the pocket monster claim that the Abra can sense danger and can teleport once it has detected a player. Apparently, this happens if players miss their first throw or if a Pokball is not strong enough to catch the creature.

According to Attack the Fanboy, the trick to getting Abra is to walk around a residential area with lots of grass and to do this at night. Those who have no luck finding Abra can choose to hatch it with a 5 km egg.

Abra’s first evolution is Kadabra, and players can find them in the same spots listed for Abra. However, the chances of getting Kadabra at the same spot as Abra are very slim, so one can aim to get 25 Abra candies instead to evolve their Abra into Kadabra.

Kadabra then evolves into Alakazam, and players can take a chance and find the pocket monster at the same locations as the Abra and Kadabra. However, a more practical solution is to evolve the Kadabra, and to do this, one will need 100 Abra candies for the evolution.

Results may vary, but it would be wise for players to keep track of locations where the Abra was sighted to get the other two Pokmon. Otherwise, use Abra candies to evolve the Pokmon from there.