'Pokmon GO' tips and tricks: Hatch eggs by walking under 20 mph in a straight line


With the hit augmented reality game “Pokmon GO” currently rolling out around the world, players aiming to become Pokmon masters can try out some tips and tricks available for hatching eggs.

According to Life Hacker, the way a player walks makes a huge difference when it comes to hatching eggs or using Incense. Apparently, based on the game’s code, Incense will spawn a creature every five minutes when users are at rest. However, if they are on the move, Pokmon will spawn faster. In the span of 30 minutes, gamers will be eligible for another Pokmon as soon as they travel 200 meters and at least 60 seconds have passed.

When hatching eggs, it is noted that it is more beneficial to walk in a straight line, if possible. The game apparently checks in and measures the travel distance periodically by looking at one’s displacement from previous check points. However, being in a fast-moving vehicle would not count as the game can sense if the player has stopped walking. It is deemed that the best way to successfully hatch an egg is to travel at speed below 20 miles per hour.

Reports claim that some gamers have tried placing their phone on top of a moving toy train set and that the trick works. It is assumed that game developer Niantic may have put a speed cap on the sensor that detects if the user is inside various modes of transportation, and in such cases, they disable the egg-hatching feature.

Meanwhile, if players have no ample time to go out of their house and explore their surroundings, Science World Report notes that there may be an ultimate cheat in which they would not have to walk around. Allegedly, the Pokmon trainer would be able to travel on the in-game map as the player uses a joystick to control it.

Another cheat suggests that to fully see the exact locations of all Pokmon in the area, the iPhone would have to be jailbroken in order to use the tracker dubbed as “PokVision.” The touted application also tells players how long they have to stay in a specific spot.

It remains to be seen if all the aforementioned tips and tricks will significantly improve the gamer’s experience of “Pokmon GO.”