‘Pokemon Go’ releases first Generation 3 legendary, Groudon

Pokemon Go
“Pokemon Go” adds the Generation 3 legendary Pokemon Groudon. (Pokemon Go)

“Pokemon Go” has finally unveiled the latest legendary Pokemon. For a limited time, players can capture Groudon, the iconic legendary beast from the third generation of Pokemon.

The game announced through a blog post that the legendary Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15. The window in which the rare Pokemon will appear is quite slim, so players should hurry up and participate in Raid Battles in order to get a chance to catch the powerful beast.

Groudon is the first legendary Pokemon from Generation 3 to arrive to the popular augmented reality (AR) game. Earlier this month, “Pokemon Go” also added 50 Pokemon from the third generation to the game.

Notably, the legendary Pokemon comes to regular Raids instead of the EX Raids wherein previous legendary Pokemon were made available. This is likely because of the negative feedback that developer Niantic received from fans regarding the EX Raid feature.

Fans of the Pokemon role-playing games are familiar with the Ground-type legendary Pokemon Groudon, which graced the cover art of “Pokemon Ruby” from 2002.

Groudon is only one of three legendary Pokemon to be featured as game mascots for the Generation 3 games. The water type Kyogre was featured in the cover art of “Pokemon Sapphire,” while the Dragon-type Rayquaza was highlighted in the “Emerald” version.

While “Pokemon Go” did not give any hints as to when Kyogre and Rayquaza may arrive to the AR game, they may not be far off, as the game released the legendary Pokemon from both Generation 1 and 2 in quick successions earlier this year.

Aside from the so-called “weather trio” of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, Generation 3 also includes several other legendary monsters. There’s the three legendary titans Regice, Registeel, and Regirock, as well as the Eon duo of Latias and Latios.  It would be interesting to see when and how Niantic will introduce these Pokemon to the game.