Pokemon Go release date set for 2016; Pokemon Go Plus accessory is complementary Bluetooth enabled wristband


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Exciting news for Pokemon fans!

The Pokemon Company has partnered with Nintendo Co and former Google startup Niantic Inc. to develop a mobile game called Pokemon Go, a free to play game that lets players search, find trade and battle Pokemons in real time.

Fans of the Pokemon universe will be glad to know that the new game will be patterned after “Ingress”, an MMO game also developed by Niantic , which uses Google maps to place portals on various works of art, historical sites and landmarks around the world, and then allow players to hunt and capture these markers.

This will serve as the basis of the mobile Pokemon Go, but this time the game will feature Pokemon characters.

“For the first time, Pokmon will roam free in the real world. Pokmon GO will allow players to capture Pokmon who inhabit parks, shopping areas, sidewalks and the countryside all around the world,” said Niantic Inc. founder John Hanke to PC Advisor

The game can be downloaded on Android or iPhone, but it is played in the real world through augmented reality.

It has also been reported that the game will feature a complementary Bluetooth enabled wristband called the Pokemon Go Plus, which will enable the user to detect the location of the Pokemon and catch them with a press of the button. The device also has the added function of notifying players of upcoming Pokemon related events, reported LatinTimes.

The device, which is being developed and manufactured by Nintendo, lets players play Pokmon Go without looking at their phones as this is already connected via Bluetooth to the device. It also delivers haptic feedback and flashing LEDs in a series of colors.

Unfortunately, this will be sold separately but no price has yet been set for it. Meanwhile, the release of the game is targeted sometime in 2016.