‘Pokemon GO’ Rare Candy Guide: How does it work?

A promotional image of the Raid Battles in "Pokemon GO." (Pokemongolive.com)

Niantic Labs gave avid fans of “Pokemon GO” another juicy update, this time involving the Pokemon GO Gym Coins.

According to a report from Express, the latest update gives trainers a chance to grab some Rare Candy. This is done by feeding Pocket Monsters in Gyms. Moreover, players also get the chance to secure Rare Candy by utilizing the new Raid Battles system. By defeating the Raid Boss, trainers will get to earn special items like Golden Razz Berries and Charged TM. Apart from the special items, they will also get Rare Candy.

Meanwhile, there are several ways of getting Candy in Pokemon GO. The first and traditional way is by catching Pokemon. For every successful catch, players earn three Candy. Second and third tier evolutions yield more Candy at five and 10, respectively.

Berries can also be used in battle. This is a feature that was added in the Gen 2 update. By using the Pinap Berries, trainers get the chance to double the amount of Candy they earn. This takes effect should their next attempt to catch succeeds.

Furthermore, players can also walk with a Buddy Pokemon for a certain distance to earn Pokemon Candy. There are differences, however, as some Pokemon require longer distances compared to others. Because of this, trainers may need to be patient in some instances. Another easy method is by transferring Pokemon. Taking Pokemon out of players’ inventory yields to one candy.

Lastly, hatching eggs will also translate in Pokemon Candy, according to Eurogamer. There is no definite amount Candy earned when hatching eggs. However, an estimate can serve as a gauge for players. A 2-kilometer Egg usually gives out 10 Candy and a 5-kilometer Egg yields 20 Candy. Meanwhile, a 10-kilometer Egg could reward up to as much as 30 Candy.

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