'Pokmon Go,' 'Pokmon Z' release date: games may have simultaneous released in second half of 2016


Fans of the Pokmon franchise may be delighted to find out that upcoming “Pokmon Go” and “Pokmon Z” are rumoured to have simultaneous releases.

Mixed reports claim that if the games will not arrive in the first quarter of the year, they may hit the market sometime before 2016 ends. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

No specific information about both “Pokmon Z” and “Pokmon Go” has been announced yet other than it will be developed by Game Freak.

Japanese magazine “CoroCoro” previously unveiled images of the legendary Pokmon  Zygarde, which is believed to be the one players have to look for in “Pokmon Z.” It is revealed that it could be a very powerful Pokmon that can have five different forms from being a Cell, which has no awareness of its own.

Meanwhile, what may have added to the assumption that “Pokmon Z” will be made available at the same time as “Pokmon Go” is the announcement made in December last year.

The augmented reality game has been confirmed by the Pokmon Company in collaboration with Niantic. It has reportedly received additional funding from more major players such as Google and Nintendo to make the promised gameplay a reality.

“Pokmon Go” is touted to be a game that will use real life locations in order to search for Pokmon, capture them, and train them just like what have been seen in both anime series and movies. It will be paired with a wearable device called Pokmon Go Plus which players can use to be notified every time that a Pokmon is nearby. There will also be scheduled trade events for the players to swap Pokmons to diversify their collections.

It is expected to be released sometime during the second half of the year in smartphones supporting either Android or iOS system.