'Pokmon Go' and 'Pokmon Z' news: More information may be out next month


The highly anticipated upcoming game titles “Pokmon Go” by The Pokmon Company’s Game Freak and mobile game developer Niantic, and “Pokmon Z” from Nintendo, still do not have any official release dates. However, reports claim that more information regarding the two will be released next month. 

Fans are said to have been disappointed when the October issue of the Japanese CoroCoro magazine only divulged details about “Pokmon X/Y,” with the announcement that players will get a chance to capture the legendary and shiny Xerneas, Yveltal and even Zygarde. 

iDigital Times reports that they should avail of a copy of the next issue, which will hit the stands on Nov. 14, as it seems like there will be more specifics included about Pokmon. CoroCoro has been known to give away some facts about the game even before the developers talk about them publicly. Fans hope that either the existence of “Pokmon Z” or the release window for “Pokmon Go” will be revealed by then. 

What added to the speculation is the recent post on Twitter by Junichi Masuda, the director of the main “Pokmon” games, stating that he will guest star in the Japanese television show called “Pokmon Get TV.”

With the coincidence of the timing for the magazine and his appearance, it is expected that even though he will not necessarily share some particular information about what fans have been waiting for, he may talk about interesting things for the supporters and clear things up in case CoroCoro publishes some spoilers. 

It is predicted that he may either tackle the release date of “Pokemon Z,” the status of “Pokemon Go” smartphone application, or go in-depth about Zygarde forms and the upcoming inclusion of Ash Greninja in the anime version. 

Although none of the concerned parties has yet commented on the rumor, it is advised that supporters tune in for more updates that may come in the following months.