'Pokmon GO' mobile game from Niantic makes Pokmon even more real life


Most gamers from different generations of Pokmon, if not all, have had a dream at one point in their lives, wishing that Pokmon were real. Now, that wish comes a little closer to being true.

Gone are the days where being a Pokmon “trainer” means spending hours of game time with a handheld console. Now, The Pokmon Company takes being a trainer to the next level as they make Pokmon “real” with the new and upcoming game, Pokmon GO.

Pokmon GO is the result of the partnership between The Pokmon Company, Nintendo, and game developer Niantic. Pokmon GO is a free-to-play mobile game that gets players to catch, train and battle Pokmon out there in the real world via location information coming from the players’ mobile device. While it would be exciting, even if a little too farfetched, to have real Pokmon exist, Pokmon GO works in the same principle as augmented realityusing real world location and having Pokmon in it virtually via the mobile application. Junichi Masus, the Pokmon game director back in the Game Freak days, will also be working for the new game.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. Is also working on a companion wearable device called the Pokmon GO Plus. The device aims to have players play the game even without focusing on the smartphone. The devices will be connected to the player’s smartphone via Bluetooth and will give notifications such as the presence of a Pokmon nearby.

No price information is available for the wearable Pokmon GO Plus as of the moment, but the main game itself will be free-to-play supported by in-app purchases.

“Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokmon with Pokmon GO for iPhone and Android devices! With Pokmon GO, you’ll discover Pokmon in a whole new worldyour own! Pokmon GO will use real location information to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokmon.

The Pokmon video game series has used real-world locations such as the Hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, New York, and Paris as inspiration for the fantasy settings in which its games take place. Now the real world will be the setting!”

Pokmon GO comes to mobile devices on 2016.