'Pokemon Go' Generation 2 Pokemon to be region-exclusive? what to expect


“Pokemon Go” is soon to receive another batch of Pokemon, those of the second generation, but similar to Generation I, some of the newcomers might be region-locked, fans suggest.

According to Christian Today, fans are discussing which Gen II Pokemon might be region-locked. In a Reddit thread, the user MonkeyDLenny suggested that Miltank might be locked in the U.S., Heracross in Japan or Asia, Smeargle in South America and Delibird in Europe. The user stated that their predictions are based on what they thought would make sense.

Other suggested Pokemon include Sudowoodo, Stantler, Dunsparce and Corsola.

Right now, there are four region-specific Pokemon in “Pokemon Go.” Mr. Mime, a psychic/fairy-type Pokemon, is believed to be only available in Europe, while the normal-type Tauros is in North America. However, there are some debates whether it could be found in South America as well, GameRant reported.

Farfetch’d, a normal/flying-type, is said to be abundant in Asia, particularly in South Korea and Japan, but there have been no reports yet of it being found in other Asian countries. Lastly, another normal-type Pokemon, Kangaskhan, is also undetermined if it can be caught in the whole of Australasia or Australia only.

With these, some redditors in the thread speculate that the next batch of region-locked Pokemon might be put by Niantic in other regions without an exclusive Pokemon yet, such as Central America, South America and some parts of Asia and Oceania.

“I just hope there is equal distribution and no major regions are left empty handed,” user Gonzeau_ said.

Meanwhile, some players still do not like the idea of going to other parts of the world just to catch every single species. However, it is noted that region-exclusive Pokemon have always been present in past titles, but they brought the convenience of trading.

With trading coming soon in “Pokemon Go”, as Niantic revealed alongside the Gen II, this might make it easier for players to catch them all.