'Pokmon GO' news: PokHound paid service provides players with hunting map


Since its debut earlier this month, “Pokmon GO” has had thousands of players out of their houses with the quest to find as many fictional pocket monsters as they can. Some may feel that the new fad is nothing but a nuisance, claiming that Pokmon trainer wannabes have been trespassing on private properties. The majority of the app users, on the other hand, see it as a good way to meeting their walking mileage quota while having fun. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to aimlessly scour their neighborhoods in the hopes of scoring a rare find. This gave PokHound the idea to make the lives of those who do not have the time to hunt Pokmon easier via a map.

The website was able to crack the “Pokmon GO” system and basically make a treasure hunt map for all the Pokmon near a particular user. “Poke Hound is a premium service. Unlike other map providers, the Hound sniffs out ALL the Pokmon, ANYWHERE you are in the world,” the description of the site reads, providing an explanation of the service they are offering. On top of that, PokHound can also detail the kind of Pokmon, as well as the time frame that it will stay in the specific area it is currently situated in.

Interestingly, PokHound is not the only platform where gamers can access the same kind of service. There have been other sites, albeit smaller, which are also useful for Pokmon seekers. But what sets PokHound apart from its competitors is that the developers claim that they have a broader reach as well as more information for its user making it a one-stop shop for players.

Other features subscribers can take advantage include getting text message alerts when specific Pokmon appear in a player’s area and getting links and directions that will help navigate directly to the Pokmon.

Of course, given the relentless efforts of the people behind PokHound, the perks it brings come with a price. Subscribing to the service will cost players for $4.99 each week but for those who want to test the waters first before shelling out cash, they are offering a free one-hour trial.