‘Pokemon GO’ news: Niantic teases move set solution in upcoming update

A promotional image for Pokemon GO's "Adventure Week," which ends on May 25. (pokemongolive.com)

There is no question that “Pokemon GO” has become one of the most successful mobile games ever. It currently has millions of downloads and active players enjoying the augmented reality treat from Niantic Labs. Despite its dominance, there are still a few hiccups that keep fans from enjoying the game to its fullest.

According to a report by Express, video game developer Niantic may finally address the issues surrounding the game’s move sets. A post on the game’s support page first raised this problem. There, a fan said: “Please can you change the move to Earthquake instead of Heavy Slam? Getting bad movesets demotivates me.”

Niantic tweeted, saying that it is “not currently available, unfortunately, but we are aware of the community’s interest in this feature,” as a response. It is confirmed that the developers are aware of the issues concerning the said feature. With this, some speculate the possibility of having a fix in the game’s next big update.

Additionally, fans expect improvements in the Gyms, in PvP, and in Raids when the new update rolls in.

Last week, “Pokemon GO” launched the “Adventure Week” event, which offered loads of incentives to its loyal players worldwide. The main highlight of the event, which ends on May 25, is the availability of several Rock-type Pokemon. “Whether you’re exploring your neighborhood or an exotic new location, make sure to watch for Rock-type Pokémon such as Omanyte, Kabuto, and their Evolutions,” read “Pokemon GO’s” press release.

Aside from the Rock-type Pokemon, Niantic also confirmed that players will get more items every time they visit a PokeStop. Furthermore, the Buddy Pokemon will find Candies four times faster during the week. Additionally, Poke Balls will be on sale at 50 percent off at the in-game shop.

In addition, an “Expedition Hat” was also added to the players’ wardrobe. This gives them a stylish look while catching Pokemon in different locations.