'Pokmon GO' Legendary Pokmon Mew, Mewtwo coming to the hit game


It is no secret that since “Pokmon GO” made its public debut earlier this month, it has been taking the world by storm with countless Pokmon trainers going out in the streets playing the augmented-reality game. While as of now, any kind of creature will be enough for gamers to catch, reports of Mew and Mewtwo’s existence in the wild will arguably have fans more motivated to continue hunting.

However, the specialness of the creatures comes with them being extremely rare, making it a little bit difficult for players to just spot and catch them. Even in other forms of media where “Pokmon” has landed, including the anime series and the mangas, Mew and Mewtwo belong to a lineage that is said to be long extinct.

Mewtwo is actually a revitalized version of Mew after scientists combined the DNA of the latter to create the former. This makes the bipedal feline-like Pokmon an upgraded version of an already powerful Pokmon, which makes them the legendary and rare also considered as the most powerful Pokmon ever.

In an article by Forbes, the media outlet points out that it seems like Niantic is taking their time in feeding updates for “Pokmon GO” so it is very well possible that Mews are just not yet out there. On the other hand, since one of unique perks of them is to be able to take the form and shape of other Pokmon, there is a chance that players may have caught Mew or even Mewtwo without knowing it as they are camouflaged in other forms.

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, the legendary Pokmon will eventually make an appearance judging by the initial trailer for the game, showing Mewtwo battling a huge crowd in the middle of New York City’s Time Square. The sequence was also interesting given the number of other Pokmon trying to bring Mewtwo down is by no means shabby. Given this, it may be that the reveal of the powerful creature will be one of the last mission that the game will offer.