'Pokmon GO' release news: First look shows Ivysaur, player levelling, more


Fans can now take a look on how the augmented reality game “Pokmon GO” would work. In a gameplay video released online, it showed how Pokmon can be caught, their locations in the maps, and a hint on the possible implementation of a microtransaction system.

Just recently, YouTube user Eric F posted on YouTube a gameplay demo showing how Pokmon works in the upcoming game. In a presentation during the recently held SXSW Gaming Panel, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke showcased the first gameplay demo for the game, featuring an Ivysaur in the wild.

A map option showed the player the location of the nearby Pokmon which, in this case, was an Ivysaur. Also, there was a nearby Pokmon Gymit was not detailed yet how the Gym system would work out for the gameand other Pokmons.

Using the smartphone’s camera, Ivysaur “appeared” in the real world, so the player could now catch it. Being “in the real world,” Ivysaur moved a lot, and the player needed to throw a Pokball at it. Catching a Pokmon involved the same mechanic as in all other Pokmon gamesthe Pokball shook twice. Then, it would either shook again for a third time which would mean that the Pokmon was caught, or it would pop open, giving the player another chance to try again.

Since there were many kinds of Pokballs in the inventory, it was speculated that there might be microtransactions that will be coming to the game. Additionally, a player levelling system could be seen. Catching Pokmon and possibly many other activities in the game might award players experience points.

“Pokmon GO” will be released sometime around this year, though Nintendo and Niantic have not yet announced an official release date. The game would be available for download on iOS and Android devices.