'Pokmon GO' news: Biomes, evolution shards available


Fans will have to work hard to find and evolve their Pokmons when the upcoming “Pokemon GO” mobile game is released.

Ever since the announcement of a mobile game called “Pokmon GO,” there has been much anticipation to bring Pokmon battles to the real world. The game will allow players to travel to different locations around the world to collect Pokmon  eggs.

It was stated that the game is currently going on beta testing in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. This indicates that the design, appearance, language, and features are not yet final for the app. However, it was confirmed that the app will be available for free on the App Store as well as Google Play.

According to a sub-Reddit page called The Silph Road, the game has biomes already available. This means that specific types of Pokmon will only be present in certain types of terrain and conditions. Fans of Pokmon are aware that certain Pokmon are compatible in only specific kinds of places, due to their composition.

The source also explained that the game will be separated into three teams: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Players will have to join one of the three teams. Local gyms will also be available in order to let players train with other computer players.

In addition, ComicBook.com explained that trainers will finally have the ability to evolve their Pokmons. This will be available through the evolution shards, which means that trainers will have to capture several types of Pokmon of the same species in order to gather enough shards to evolve. Users will need twenty shards in order to evolve a Pokmon.

Aside from the app, a Bluetooth device that will allow players to easily find nearby Pokmons will also be available for sale. However, there has yet to be any details regarding when “Pokmon Go” will be released on iPhone and Android devices.