‘Pokemon GO’ latest news: Region-exclusive Pokemon starts appearing in Europe

A promotional image for Niantic's "Pokemon GO" mobile game.

After postponing the planned “Pokemon GO” events for Europe, Niantic Labs made sure to provide something else for players in the region.

In a post on the “Pokemon GO” website, Niantic confirmed that some rare Pokemon have started to appear in Europe. Players can find Pokemon like Kangaskhan and Unown in some European cities.

“This unusual occurrence is predicted to last until August 21,” the post read. “Keep your eyes peeled if you’re in one of the cities listed below, because this may be a great opportunity to add some additional Pokémon to your Pokédex,” it went on to say.

Furthermore, Niantic also tipped that players visit their local Unibail-Rodamco shopping center. They can reportedly find rare Pokemon there. Additionally, the place will also be home to Lure Modules. These will be activated at different Pokestops found within the shopping center’s vicinity. The promo will take place on the weekends of Aug. 12 and Aug. 19, the post added.

Niantic also listed down the different participating cities from various European countries.

Late last month, Niantic decided to postpone the Safari Zone-themed events in some European countries. “In order to guarantee the best possible gameplay experience for European Trainers, we have decided to postpone the events in Europe scheduled for August 5 (Copenhagen and Prague) and August 12 (Stockholm and Amsterdam) until a date later in the Fall,” said Niantic in a post.

Events in other areas, however, will still push through. These include the one in Japan on Aug. 14, and the events in Spain, France, and Germany in September. “We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand that our priority is to ensure a great experience for Pokémon GO Trainers in Europe and around the world,” the developers added.

Apart from Kangaskhan and Unown, fans can also expect other rare Pokemon like Farfetch’d and Heracross to appear anytime soon.

Back in July, Niantic held the “Pokemon GO” Fest in Chicago, but it turned out to be a huge letdown because of technical issues. The problems resulted in the participants’ “Pokemon GO” apps crashing in the middle of play.