‘Pokemon GO’ latest news: Niantic reveals first 4 Legendary Pokemon led by Lugia and Articuno

A promotional image featuring the four Legendary Pokemon for "Pokemon GO." (Pokemongolive.com)

Following the opening of the “Pokemon GO” Fest in Chicago, Niantic revealed the first four Legendary Pokemon of the game.

Heading the list was Lugia, who was announced on the “Pokemon GO” Fest Stream by Rachel Quirico. “Everyone who has successfully checked in will receive Lugia in your account,” Quirico said, addressing the participants at the Grant Park in Chicago.

For players who were not in the park, they can still find the creature in Raid Battles. Following Lugia was Articuno, a fan-favorite. During the Chicago event, attendees needed to complete a mission where they need to capture the most number of Pokemon possible. Team Mystic, Team Instinct, and Team Valor faced each other. Team Mystic won the challenge in the end.

With their victory, Articuno, the flying ice type from the Kanto region, was added into the game, joining Lugia in the Raid Battles. Despite losing to Team Mystic, the two other teams and their Legendary Pokemon — Zapdos and Moltres — will also become available in the near future, said Niantic in a blog post.

Meanwhile, Forbes reported that Niantic also gave trainers access to various in-game bonuses, which lasted until July 24. These bonuses included Double XP, Double Candy, Double Stardust, reduced buddy distance, reduced hatching distance, and increased Pokemon counters.

For players in Europe, Niantic will also hold a separate set of festivities starting next month. On Aug. 5, Denmark and the Czech Republic will receive a first taste of the Safari Zone-themed events.

Other European countries, namely, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Spain, will follow suit. The festivities will run through September where players can catch previously-unavailable Pokemon.

“Pokemon GO” has become one of the most successful mobile games to date. Last April, Niantic announced that the game already has over 65 million active users. With the arrival of the Legendary Pokemon, the numbers could likely go up anew.