'Pokmon GO' Individual Value Calculator: Learn which Pokmon is worth keeping to win game


“Pokmon GO” has become a global phenomenon as millions of gamers have gone outdoors to catch the pocket monsters in the augmented-reality game. While the fun lies in catching as many Pokmon as possible and seeking the rarer monsters, it looks like there’s more to “Pokmon GO” than catching an Eevee as it is more complex than it looks.

According to iDigitalTimes, every Pokmon has secret stats that determines its growth and how it levels up over time. These stats are called individual values, or IVs. Each Pokmon has a hidden IV attached to it, and while these numbers have been around in other “Pokmon” games, the Redditors of TheSilphRoad have recently discovered that the same stats are in “Pokmon GO” and are visible in the game’s code.

Calculating the IV of each Pokmon might prove to be difficult especially for “Pokmon GO” first-time players, so in essence, this is how it works: Every Pokmon has invisible stats that determine their attack, defense and stamina. This is determined by the Pokmon’s Combat Power, or CP. Two Pokmon with the same CP could defend itself or attack differently. It is unknown how this relates to the pocket monster’s weight or HP, but it affects how their stats change both as they evolve.

It can be quite difficult for the average gamer to calculate the IVs in “Pokmon GO,” and for the casual player, this might not matter at all. But for those who are serious competitors, such as the man who quit his job to play “Pokmon GO” full-time, then an IV calculator would come in handy to figure out the hidden code.

Here is one calculator (via Redditor TheSilphRoad) and another one by Psypokes, here. In the meantime, “Pokmon GO” players are advised to stay safe and vigilant at all times while playing the game. Players are strongly advised not to drive while playing “Pokmon GO” and to stay alert when in a new location.