‘Pokemon Go’: Ice, water-type Pokemon in holiday update

Pokemon Go
"Pokemon Go" will finally be launching in China. (Pokemon Go)
Pokemon Go
“Pokemon Go” begins its holiday event. (Pokemon Go)

“Pokemon Go” developer Niantic is celebrating the holidays by releasing more Pokemon for players to collect and battle with. As part of its holiday update, more ice and water-type Pokemon will be appearing in the game, while players get access to holiday loot boxes with various prizes.

The popular augmented reality (AR) game’s holiday event, which started on Thursday, will bring a new festive Pikachu to the game, as well as third-generation Pokemon that were first introduced in the role-playing games (RPGs) “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire.”

Players who check into the game between Dec. 22 and 25 will also get a special daily bonus from the first Poke Stop they visit each day in the form of a single use egg incubator.

From Dec. 21 to 25, special boxes from the in-game shop will feature items like Super Incubators, Lure Modules, and the all-new Star Pieces, which earn additional stardust for a limited time after being activated.

Earlier this year, “Pokemon Go” began adding third-generation Pokemon to the AR game, starting with a Halloween event that introduced a number of ghost Pokemon that have never been seen in the game previously.

Since then, Niantic has been consistently adding more and more third-generation Pokemon to the game. The first third-generation legendary, Groudon, is now available via Raid battles.

Amid all the new monsters, Niantic has also added a weather system that reflects real-world weather conditions into the game.

These holiday additions to the game also come on the heels of the update for the iOS, which added a new AR+ mode that takes advantage of Apple’s advanced augmented reality framework, ARKit. With the improved augmented reality (AR) performance in iOS devices and a host of updates to the gameplay, “Pokemon Go” may be looking to revive the explosive popularity it experienced soon after its launch in 2016.