'Pokmon GO' guide: How to catch Santa Hat Pikachu


The holiday event for the hit ARG “Pokmon GO” implements its first event-exclusive Pokmon, the Santa Hat Pikachu. With this, a lot of players want to know where to find it and how to catch it in the game.

According to Game Rant, players will just need to play “Pokmon GO” in order to encounter Santa Hat Pikachu. There does not seem to be any way for players to increase its spawn rate, but the Pokmon is fairly common, considering the fact that the regular Pikachu appeared less in the game.

Also, Santa Hat Pikachu’s portrait is seen in the upgraded Nearby feature, so it will be much easier to track them. Once the Pokmon is found, the real challenge begins, since regardless of its CP level, it will be much harder to catch compared to other normal Pokmon.

With this, players may want to stock up on Razz Berries, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls before they attempt to catch it. Otherwise, Santa Hat Pikachu might run away and players will need to search again. Players should always make sure that the Pokmon is fed berries before throwing Pokeballs towards it, as it will lower the chance of it running away while lowering the difficulty of catching it.

After feeding it berries, players should use their most powerful Pokeballs in order to try catching it. It should be worth noting that using the curved ball technique will increase the odds of getting it compared to just directly throwing the ball towards it.

Santa Hat Pikachu, according to the Parent Herald, is a great help for players who have a hard time finding Raichu in the wild. This is to ensure that players will at least have more chances of completing their Pokdex before the second generation of Pokmon will be released.

“Pokmon GO” is now available for Android and iOS devices.