‘Pokemon Go’ releases third Gen 3 legendary Rayquaza

"Pokemon Go" has released a new wave of Generation 3 Pokemon. (Pokemon Go)

Game developer Niantic has introduced another wave of Generation 3 monsters to the augmented reality mobile game “Pokemon Go,” including the much awaited legendary Pokemon Rayquaza.

Like all the other legendary monsters in the game, the Dragon-type Pokemon will be appearing limited time only. Players should watch out for the powerful Pokemon in Raid Battles at Pokemon Gyms between Feb. 9 and March 16.

Rayquaza is the third Generation 3 legendary Pokemon to arrive to the game, following the Ground-type Groudon, which was made available from December to January, and the Water-type Kyogre, which is currently available until Feb. 14.

This is a rare period in which there are two legendary Pokemon that are available for trainers to capture. For players who have yet to catch Kyogre, this will be a great chance to look for it, as there is also a chance that they will encounter the Dragon-type Rayquaza.

With the arrival of Rayquaza, Pokemon trainers now have a chance to capture the so-called Weather Trio from the region of Hoenn, as featured in the Pokemon role-playing games “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire.”

Aside from Rayquaza, Niantic has also released a bunch of other Pokemon from the Hoenn region, including various Flying- and Dragon-type monsters, including Salamence, Altaria, Tropius, and Metagross.

Since Halloween last year, Niantic has begun introducing Generation 3 Pokemon to the game in small batches. With the new update, “Pokemon Go’s” roster of Generation 3 Pokemon has now reached more than a hundred.

In celebration of this milestone, all of the Pokemon that will be encountered by trainers from Feb. 9 to 13 will be Generation 3 ones, giving those who want to collect the new Pokemon more chances to catch up.

Niantic is also holding a sale at the game’s shop for special boxes that include Raid Passes, Incubators, and Star Pieces. The discounts will be available until Feb. 23.