'Pokmon GO' players are visiting police stations to collect Pok Balls


“Pokmon GO” is now out both for Android and iOS devices. While the game may only be out in limited countries for the meantime, players who have been able to get a copy of the free game have already begun to experience the real-world adventure of catching and collecting Pokmon. However, it seems that the quest to become a Pokmon trainer has already raised issues involving public safety and awareness to surroundings this early on after the release of the game.

Just as what had been long speculated, the game had players running around and going to different kinds of places just to catch nearby Pokmon. The game features PokStops, where players could buy in-game items and restock on supplies that they would be needing such as Pok Balls. These PokStops are located in actual establishments and landmarks even in random water tanks, store signage and police stations, as what some had discovered.

In Australia, the country’s Northern Territory Police, Fire, and Emergency Services has already issued a statement addressing players of the game who may be getting too aggressive with the real-world adventure that the new augmented-reality game is offering, reminding players to be mindful of their safety.

According their Facebook post, it appears that there have been players who were visiting police stations not to report a crime but to get Pok Balls.

“For those budding Pokmon Trainers out there using Pokmon GO whilst the Darwin Police Station may feature as a PokStop, please be advised that you don’t actually have to step inside in order to gain the Pok Balls,” the post said. “It’s also a good idea to look up, away from your phone and both ways before crossing the street. That Sandshrew isn’t going anywhere fast. Stay safe and catch ’em all!”

“Pokmon GO” is free to download and play, but offers microtransactions to players.