'Pokemon Go' game news: Game to be released within the year, free for download?


Rumors about “Pokemon Go” getting released this year continue to persist. After all, no less than Nintendo and Niantic confirmed this earlier. The only question hovering above the heads of “Pokemon” game fans that needs answering is what the exact date of the game’s release will be.

The Pokemon Company

While there is no definite date as to when exactly the game will be released, there are numerous unconfirmed reports regarding “Pokemon Go” that fans can only hope to be true. For one thing, Gotta Be Mobile reports that “Pokemon Go” will be the first game of the franchise that will not come with a price tag as the would-be gamers can easily download it once it is out. However, the add-ons to the game that can be used by its players to enhance their characters will not be free of charge and will allegedly be available through a digital Pokemon store.

Earlier reports claimed that the upcoming “Pokemon Go” can be played using Android or Apple devices, such as smartphones or smartwatches. However, “Pokemon Go” will be released along with an accessory that will sync it with the device where players play the “Pokemon Go” game. Gotta Be Mobile claims that this accessory can be worn either on the wrist or attached to the belt and aims at averting any untoward incident, much more if a player is unwary of the happenings around him because he is too absorbed in the game.

The post of N4BB announcing that the Pokemon Company and Niantic are inviting the Japanese for a Beta test experience of the game also bodes well of the possibility that the game is underway and will be released soon. Additionally, a global Beta testing for the game is also to be conducted so that whatever feedback the Pokemon Company and Niantic gather from the participants can be gauged and eventually be incorporated in the game before “Pokemon Go” is finally released.