‘Pokemon GO’ events announced, kicks off on June 13

A promotional image for the "Pokemon GO Fest" event. (PokemonGoLive)

As “Pokemon GO” nears its first anniversary, Niantic Labs confirmed their upcoming events in line with the celebrations for June.

The festivities for the month kick off on June 13 with the Solstice in-game event. This means players can find Fire and Ice-type Pokemon like Lapras, Sneasel, Houndour, Charmander, and Cyndaquil more often, according to Gamespot.

Just like in other events in the previous months, players can also earn extra XP by attempting certain actions. These include throwing Poke Balls with accuracy. Moreover, Lucky Eggs will also go on sale in the in-game shop at 50% off. The Solstice event will run for a whole week and end on June 20.

Come July, the “Pokemon GO” Fest will take place, and will be the game’s first ever official live event. It happens on July 22 at the Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Players will get to join in a “variety of activities” though the exact details are yet to be announced. Registration opens on June 19 and can be purchased on the event’s official website.

In addition, Niantic will also hold other events in different parts of the world, although in a smaller scale. Different “Pokemon GO” events will take place starting this month until September in different parts of Europe at Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers.

Lastly, they will also organize the “Pikachu Outbreak” in Yokohama, Japan in August. This will an exploration of a unique “Pokémon GO” experience, said Niantic’s press release.

Last month, Niantic launched the Adventure Week event, giving loads of incentives to players worldwide. During the weeklong event, the availability of several Rock-type Pokemon became the main highlight. Pokemon like Omanyte, Kabuto, as well as their evolutions took the spotlight during the event.

Though the “Pokemon GO” hype may have gone down, the game has already established itself as one of the most successful mobile games in history.