'Pokmon GO' beta release news: New update with gameplay changes released


Niantic Labs Inc., game developer for the much awaited augmented reality game “Pokmon GO,” recently released a major update to the players of the game currently participating in the ongoing beta field testing. The update introduced a number of new gameplay mechanics and improved on some existing ones.

As covered by The Silph Road, a group dedicated to covering everything there is to know about “Pokmon GO,” Niantic recently released a new APK file the installer file for Android users and along with it were new items, new gameplay mechanics, and improvements on UI and user experience that were based on some of the players’ reported issues and complaints. As the group had noted, it appears that Niantic is really valuing the input and feedback of the players that are participating in the ongoing beta.

First off, the addition of what was called as the “Lure Patch.” This item, when used, can attract wild Pokmon within the area to a Pokstop for a span of 15 minutes. The Lure Patch, ideally, can be used by players who would want an easy way of catching of Pokmon. However, using the item does not guarantee the acquisition of any specific Pokmon.

One of the new in-game resources that was introduced to level up or evolve a Pokmon, the Stardust, was also confirmed to be able to increase CP and HP of the Pokmon. Additionally, when the game alerts a player of a “nearby” Pokmon, the distance of it is now presented in an estimate of 20 meter increments, instead of the earlier 50 meters.

Previously, a player could choose to “release” a Pokmon that they either do not want in exchange for another Pokmon of the same type. Now, the release command was removed and was replaced with the option for the player to “transfer” the Pokmon to the Professor. If chosen, the game would show a prompt saying: “You can’t take it back after it’s transferred to the Professor. Do you really want to transfer ____ to the Professor?”

“Pokmon GO” is set to be released for Android and iOS devices later this year.