'Pokmon GO' beta news: New details on Pokmon catching, rare Pokmon


New information has come up from the ongoing field testing beta period of the highly anticipated augmented reality mobile game “Pokmon GO,” as Niantic Labs Inc. continues with the testing process of the game before it gets released.

According to players who have had the chance to play the game early on, Pokmon may be harder to catch since most of them, as of now, stay only in places that are considered their natural “habitat.”

The Reddit group The Silph Road, which has been reporting information made available by beta field testers, recently revealed that some Pokmon species may have a lower spawn rate. On the other hand, there are also Pokmons that players can catch easily as the surrounding areas are creeping with encounters of them.

Also, there had been sightings of rare Pokmons including a Flareon and a Porygon.

One statement from a beta filed tester provided to The Silph Road gave an overview of how the game tried its best to stick to the real world conditions of finding Pokmon. In the statement, the anonymous player said, “It appears that Biomes have some kind of working implementation… The biggest piece of evidence I’ve come across is the absolute lack of water pokemon unless I’m literally right next to water. The only water pokemon I’ve actually encountered was a Goldeen and it spawned literally on top of a river. The downtown shopping district is littered with rattatas… As well as a host of other normal pokemon. There a few bug and electric (and for the most part always consistently voltorb and magnemite) mixed in there as well.”

Additionally, a certain player was able to catch a Flareon from the wild as well as a Porygon without special catch requirement conditions at all. Also, trainers at lower levels and the CP required in catching a Pokmon seem to balance each other out, as Pokmon CP also increases as the player level increases.

“Pokmon GO” will be released for Android and iOS devices sometime this year.